Disney Employees Busted in Major Sting Operation

Disney Employees Busted in Major Sting Operation

(NewsReady.com) – Florida’s Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, is known throughout the Sunshine State as a no-nonsense law enforcement leader focused on weeding out criminals in his county. Recently, he conducted a human trafficking sting in the hopes of making central Florida safer. Several Disney employees were allegedly caught up in the roundup.

On March 8, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and several other law enforcement agencies began a six-day sting operation dubbed “Operation March Sadness II,” across the area. Detectives combed through online prostitution postings to find people who were forced into sex work or anyone helping to traffick the victims. According to a statement by Judd, four of the people arrested were accused of preying on kids.

Authorities arrested more than 100 people during the sting. Four of them were allegedly employees of Disney World in neighboring Kissimmee.

Just last year, three other Disney employees were arrested in another of Judd’s child sex-trafficking stings.

During the latest sting, detectives set up a meeting with the suspects who were arrested when they showed up. Judd said the arrests of four child predators and a human trafficker made the operation worthwhile. The remaining detainees were arrested on lesser charges.

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