Disruptive First Day in Alex Jones Defamation Trial

Disruptive First Day in Alex Jones Defamation Trial
  • Twenty-six people were murdered by Adam Lanza in 2012.
  • Lanza killed his mother at home before stealing her guns to carry out the massacre.
  • Alex Jones has theorized the massacre was a false flag operation.
  • Sandy Hook victims’ parents are accusing Jones of defamation. 

(NewsReady.com) – In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took the lives of 20 first graders and 6 others, radio host Alex Jones had a lot to say. For months, he questioned whether the massacre actually happened. He allegedly accused the people in the photos of being crisis actors.

The parents of some of the victims were furious about the conspiracy theories that surrounded the deaths of their very real children. They sued the conservative, and almost a decade after the shooting, Alex Jones is defending himself in one of those cases.

Parents Testify

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of victim Jesse Lewis, are suing Jones for a reported $150 million in damages. They have already won a default judgment against the radio star; the current trial is to decide how much he should pay. On August 2, they testified about the pain he caused when he accused them of faking their son’s death, saying he stained the child’s legacy and tormented them.

CNN reported Heslin told the jury that he could not “even begin to describe the last nine-and-a-half years of hell” he has endured because of Jones. The defendant wasn’t in the courtroom to listen to the distraught dad, a move the father called “cowardly.”

The Infowars owner was in attendance when Lewis took the stand, and she spoke directly to him. She reportedly told him, “Jesse was real. I’m a real mom.” Lewis went on to say that she didn’t even believe the lies he told about her little boy, but thought he might have done it for money. The grieving mother said her child suffered a gunshot wound to the forehead while he was at school. In the years since, she has received death threats because of the allegations that she lied about his murder.

Jones’ Explosive Testimony

The radio took the stand to defend himself for the first time later that day. The bombastic radio host said he truly believed the Connecticut massacre was a hoax. He was incredibly contrite while his lawyer questioned him, but everything changed the next day.

Attorney for the plaintiffs, Mark Bankston, revealed to the defendant that his attorneys accidentally handed over a complete list of all of the text messages that Jones had on his phone. Several of the texts contradicted testimony he’d previously given and prompted the lawyer to ask if the radio host understood what perjury is.

The judge also had to scold Jones for lying under oath. Specifically, he has said he’s bankrupt, but that isn’t true. She pointed out that even though he might have filed for bankruptcy, that doesn’t mean he’s actually broke.

The jury is currently deliberating, and a verdict could come at any time.

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