DNC Convention Altered

DNC Convention Altered

(NewsReady.com) – It seems like everything in America is either getting pushed back or shut down thanks to COVID-19. Businesses of all sizes are slowing down, while conventions and conferences are being moved to a later date or canceled. The Democratic National Convention is among the gatherings being delayed.

The event, initially scheduled for July 13, is now set to begin on August 17.

Former Vice President Joe Biden openly supports this move. He recently called on the Democratic National Committee to move the convention back.

That move has upset some Biden supporters as they want the official nomination process to be over with sooner than later. The Dem convention may be inconvenient for the Left, but it could be great news for President Donald Trump. By delaying the event by about a month, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) will have more time in the race. Many moderate Democrats believe a prolonged primary will lead to further division in the party and a loss in November.

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