DNC Debate Wrap-Up

DNC Debate Wrap-Up
  • Bloomberg was attacked right from the start.
  • Klobuchar and Buttigieg attacked each other multiple times to stand out.
  • Warren’s fighting spirit showed while she also tried to unify the field.
  • Sanders and Bloomberg brought about a more open discussion about capitalism vs. socialism.

(NewsReady.com) – By virtually all accounts, this week’s DNC debate was the most “lively” one we’ve ever seen. Here are some of the highlights.

Bloomberg’s Horrible Night

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg made his debut appearance on the debate stage. Immediately after the event began, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attacked him hard with her opening statements in this clip

Shortly after, almost everyone else on stage dogpiled the former NYC mayor, as well.

Bloomberg was forced to address his support of the highly-controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy. He said that there were many things he felt bad about during his time as mayor and that he should have corrected his errors earlier. No one took his side over this issue nor with the other allegations of his sexism in the workplace.

Sanders the Socialist

There was a big deal made about labeling Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) as a democratic socialist in the previous debate. Sanders freely admits that of his own will and everyone else is making sure that the label sticks in one way or another. The socialism label was addressed again in this debate, there was a marked difference.

The contrast between Bloomberg, a wealthy capitalist, and Sanders, a socialist politician, served to divide the field.

While the other progressive candidates restated their love for the working people of America in their own way, those two openly talked about capitalism versus socialism. At one point, Bloomberg mentioned that America shouldn’t give up capitalism because we’ve seen what happens to countries that do that under communism.

Sanders continued to hammer home his point of providing Medicare-for-All throughout the night.

Other Moments

Other notable moments of the debate included multiple instances of Pete Buttigieg (IN) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) having fiery back and forths.

One of them began when Klobuchar was questioned about her inability to recall the Mexican president’s name during a recent interview. Buttigieg jumped on this chance to stand out by attacking the senator. Warren broke up that fight by saying that forgetting someone’s name isn’t as big of a deal as not being familiar with more important things like trade policies.

Joe Biden was much more energetic than his usual self, at least for the first segment of the debate. He was much more active and willing to make his points with passion and attack other candidates for what he believes were wrongdoings. Biden eventually settled down a bit more as the night went on.

Finally, when each candidate was asked whether or not they should trust the electoral processes set forth by the DNC, all candidates, save one, said yes. Sanders briefly mentioned the role of superdelegates in the 2016 election and doesn’t believe that they created a fair electoral process.

All in all, every participant on the stage contributed to the energy and drama that this last debate will be known for.

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