DOJ Notified of Pakistani Link to Nevada Election System (REPORT)

DOJ Notified of Pakistani Link to Nevada Election System (REPORT)

( – Nevada is one of the states where President Donald Trump disputed the election results. His campaign filed a lawsuit alleging thousands of illegal votes were cast, but a court dismissed the case. An election integrity group is looking into irregularities in the state, and what it found is disturbing.

On December 3, True the Vote informed the DOJ that Nevada’s election email system is linked to a Pakistani company named Kavtech Solutions Ltd. When the group asked state officials for a voter file, it was copied to the CEO of the company, Waqas Butt.

True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht sent a letter to Assistant AG for National Security John Demers and said the cc’d email that contained “access to the Nevada voter registration database” is a breach of the system. According to the Epoch Times, Kavtech Solutions Ltd. has ties to the Pakistani military.

Is it possible that the company has something to do with the irregularities in the state? Americans are going to want answers.

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