DOJ Reaches STEVE BANNON Decision – It’s Official!

DOJ Wants To Imprison Steve Bannon for 6 Months

DOJ Wants To Imprison Steve Bannon for 6 Months

( – Former White House senior advisor Steven Bannon has been a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump for years. He’s credited with propelling the former POTUS to victory in 2016 and worked with him at the beginning of his term. The Department of Justice (DOJ) is now trying to imprison him for months.

The drama between Bannon and the Justice Department started when the conservative radio host refused to testify before Congress’ January 6th committee. Democrats voted to hold him in contempt and sent a referral to the DOJ. In November 2021, a grand jury indicted Bannon, and in July of this year, he was found guilty.

On Monday, October 17, federal prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum and asked a judge to sentence the 68-year-old to six months in prison, the maximum sentence allowable.

According to the filing, the government claimed Bannon “pursued a bad-faith strategy of defiance and contempt.” It states he tried to claim “executive privilege” that didn’t “apply to him and would not have exempted his total noncompliance even if it had.”

Additionally, prosecutors claim Bannon has refused to cooperate with the “pre-sentencing financial investigation” and has said he would rather pay the maximum $200,000 fine instead.

The case in federal court isn’t the conservative’s only problem. New York State has indicted him for money laundering and conspiracy charges related to an alleged scam to build a wall on the Mexican border. Trump pardoned him for federal charges related to that case.

Bannon’s sentencing for the contempt charges is scheduled for October 21.

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