DOJ Responds to Impeachment Nonsense

DOJ Responds to Impeachment Nonsense

( – Earlier this week, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) insinuated the House Judiciary Committee “may very well” begin impeachment proceedings against US Attorney General Bill Barr. The chairman of the committee believes the country’s top prosecutor is responsible for politicizing the Department of Justice (DOJ). Now, the department is responding to these claims.

On June 25, Kerri Kupec, a spokeswoman for the DOJ, told “Fox & Friends” the suggestion Barr may be impeached is a “political thing.” She went on to say the attorney general judges everything “according to the facts and the law” without considering the politics. She also confirmed Barr is going to testify before Nadler’s committee next week.

Kupec isn’t the only one brushing off Nadler’s remarks. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is as well. Instead, Pelosi said voters will decide who they want in office.

Democrats have been hinting at a second round of impeachment charges for awhile. It seems they’ve figured out it won’t work against Trump, so they’re targeting someone else instead.

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