DOJ Spends Millions Creating Jan 6 Database

DOJ Just Sunk Millions of Dollars on Wild Goose Chase

( – Prosecutors have charged more than 500 people with crimes related to the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill. Now, prosecution and defense teams are tasked with going through massive amounts of evidence to find what they need to take each individual defendant to court. That is going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

According to a July 9 report by Politico, the DOJ has agreed to pay an outside contractor at least $6.1 million to create a massive January 6 database. Deloitte Financial Advisory Services is creating the database using photographs, body cam footage, more than one million social media videos, documents, and closed-circuit video footage taken on that day. In a court filing, Assistant US Attorneys William Dreher and Nadia Moore said the government needs the contractor to “provide litigation technology support services,” including “highly technical and specialized data and document processing and review capabilities.”

It seems that defense attorneys might need to do the same thing. The office of the Federal Public Defender is reportedly also considering a similar database to help the attorneys tasked with defending many of the accused. This would likely also be paid for by taxpayers.

Politico reported that the DOJ contract could grow to cost as much as $26 million. Although politicians from both sides of the aisle agree that those who committed crimes that day should be held accountable, it seems like it is costing the country a lot of money to do so. Especially considering nearly half of the defendants are charged with misdemeanors.

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