Don Lemon Gets Embarrassing Job Offer

Don Lemon Gets Embarrassing Job Offer

( – CNN fired its longtime host, Don Lemon, on April 24. The network didn’t explain why they let him go, but the 57-year-old news anchor lashed out on Twitter. After his firing, a popular rap star extended an embarrassing job offer to him.

After Rick Ross found out about Lemon losing his cushy CNN job, he took to his Instagram story to make an offer. The rapper, who owns more than two dozen Wingstop restaurants, told the former host, “The brothers got your back.” He went on to say his restaurants were hiring and that he believes the jobless host knows “what [he’s] doing with the lemon pepper wings.”

Ross encouraged Lemon to send him his résumé, so he could get him “in front of the right grill.” In another video, the rapper said that he had an idea for the Rapstar energy drink company. He said they should come out with the “Don Lemon flavor,” then asked his followers what they thought.

While Ross’ job offer might be too good for Lemon to turn down, TMZ reported another news network might actually be interested in the host. According to a report, News Nation is allegedly interested in hiring both Lemon and Tucker Carlson. The network, owned by Nexstar Media Group, has been trying to establish itself as the next big cable news network.

When Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN, the network snatched him up. The channel also airs a show hosted by Dan Abrams, the former host of Live PD and an ex-court reporter who covered the OJ Simpson trial.

Before Lemon can go anywhere, he has to negotiate his exit package from CNN. Lemon and Carlson reportedly both hired Attorney Bryan Freedman to represent their interests. The lawyer previously represented Chris Cuomo and Megyn Kelly.

Lemon has not responded to Ross’ generous job offer.

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