Donald Trump Releases Video Exposing Biden’s Failures

Donald Trump Releases Video Exposing Biden's Failures

( – There’s no denying the evacuation of Afghanistan isn’t going well. President Joe Biden’s administration wasn’t prepared for the possibility the Taliban was going to take control of the country so quickly. They’re struggling to get Americans and Special Immigrant Visa applicants (SIVs) out of the war-torn nation quickly. Now, former President Donald Trump is exposing how terribly his successor is doing.

On Tuesday, August 24, Trump released a new ad through his Save America PAC highlighting Biden’s failures. The 90-second-long video started with clips of high gas prices, the COVID-19 surge, and the president tripping as he walked up the stairs of Air Force One. Images of the Taliban taking over in Afghanistan, beating women, firing their weapons, and other atrocious images played. As these photos flash across the screen, viewers hear Biden saying the Taliban won’t take over the country and claiming he doesn’t believe he’s responsible for anything.

The devastating video comes as Biden faces pressure from allies at the G7 meeting to delay the withdrawal of American troops. The president is refusing to change course, even though Americans and vulnerable refugees remain trapped in the country.

It’s no wonder Trump is lashing out, he’s been gone for roughly eight months and the country seems like it’s falling apart.

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