Donald Trump Shocks Crowd By Buying Them Pizza

Donald Trump Shocks Audience By Buying Them Pizza

( – Former President Donald Trump is currently running for the Republican presidential nomination. So far, he’s the frontrunner in the race by many, many points. Recently, he shocked a crowd when he did something nice for a crowd of people.

On Friday, April 21, Trump gave a speech at the Lee County GOP’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner. After the event ended, the former president stopped by the Downtown House of Pizza (D-HOP) in Fort Myers. Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R), who also spoke at the dinner and endorsed Trump recently, accompanied him to the restaurant.

NBC2’s Kyla Galer reported the pizza parlor was only given 45 minutes notice that he was going to stop by. He was greeted by a large crowd that looked very happy to see him. Trump smiled and greeted people, took photos with the employees, and bought his supporters pizza.

The former president ate pizza at the restaurant as well. He asked those in attendance if they wanted the piece he bit into, joking with the crowd.

Trump appeared happy and relaxed at the event. The crowd was all excited to see him and joked around right along with him. The appearance marked a major difference between the way he interacts with people and how Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who’s expected to run against him, treats people.

The same day Trump made a stop a the pizza joint, POLITICO published a damaging article about his potential competitor, DeSantis. According to the report, Florida’s governor is having a tough time connecting with supporters.

One former Republican colleague, Rep. Dave Trott (R-MI), who served with him in the US House, said DeSantis sat next to him for two years on the Foreign Affairs Committee but never once said a word to him. He told the publication that he thinks the governor is “an [expletive]hole” who doesn’t “care about people.”

Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be having any issues connecting with the locals.

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