Drug Cartel Collusion Alleged By Lawmaker

Drug Cartel Collusion Alleged By Lawmaker

Drug Cartel COLLUSION – Senator Speaks Out!

  • Mexico’s drug war has claimed the lives of more than a quarter-million people.
  • The corruption in the government is well-known. 
  • President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is accused of coddling narco-terrorists.
  • A Mexican senator has slammed the country’s ruling party for allegedly working with cartels to influence an election.

(NewsReady.com) – When Mexico elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2018, he was sold as the country’s Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Both men are far-left politicians, and populists, and both gave speeches about bringing change to their respective countries.

Change did, indeed, come to Mexico. Its democracy is crumbling. López Obrador has faced and defeated a recall challenge that he launched himself. And one senator believes the president’s party is engaging in collusion with the drug cartels.

A Senator’s Accusations

During a May 31 congressional hearing, Mexican Senator Lilly Téllez slammed her colleagues in the Morena Party for allegedly supporting drug cartels. She demanded to know how she was supposed to face a Sinaloa senator when she knew that the lawmaker “has all the support of the Gulf Cartel, and El Chapo’s Cartel.” Téllez went on to say it’s impossible to fight the lawmakers because they have “full support of cartels, the mafia,” and she could be attacked by criminals who are “helping” Morena Party politicians “operate in the elections.”

Téllez told lawmakers it makes sense that Morena members are confident they’ll win upcoming gubernatorial elections because narco-terrorists are helping them. “You are accomplices, you are narco-politicians,” the senator said.

The senator specifically mentioned President López Obrador cozying up to Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s mother. The former head of the Sinaloa Cartel is in prison in the US. In 2020, an anonymous video showed the president shaking hands with the cartel kingpin’s mom, Consuelo Loera. The video caused outrage, but the administration brushed off the criticism.

A Trip to the US

Téllez’s remarks came days after other senators from the National Action Party traveled to Washington, DC, to meet with the Organization of American States. While in the US, the Mexican lawmakers warned about the elections of six governors dealing with interference from drug cartels. Senator Kenia López Rabadán denounced the ruling party for receiving money from cartels.

The latest drama is nothing new in Mexico. For years, the country has faced accusations it has two governments: the elected government and the unelected one that kidnaps, extorts, and murders citizens. It seems the president of the country has no plan to do anything about the problem because it’s keeping his party in power.

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