Elvis Presley’s Wife Asked To Be Buried Next to Him

Elvis Presley's Wife Asked To Be Buried Next to Him

(NewsReady.com) – The widow of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley said she wanted to be buried beside him when she dies. The request came as part of a legal battle among the star’s surviving relatives over who gets his estate. It also ties in to older fights within the Presley family.

When Lisa Marie Presley died in January, aged 54, she left the trust which controls her father’s Graceland estate to her daughter, Riley Keough. Apparently, that didn’t go down well with Elvis Presley’s 77-year-old widow Priscilla, who quickly launched a legal battle to protest Lisa Marie’s will. The issue was an amendment Lisa Marie made in 2016, which removed Priscilla and her ex-manager as trustees of Presley’s estate and named Keough and her brother Benjamin (who committed suicide in 2020) in their place. Within days of Lisa Marie’s death, Priscilla filed a challenge to that amendment, although she publicly denied it.

Now, it’s clear that Priscilla did challenge the will, but they’ve apparently reached a settlement. Details of the deal haven’t been released, and Keough’s attorney says he’s applied to have it sealed, but both sides are reportedly happy with it. There were some strange twists to the case, though. At one point, Priscilla said she wanted to be buried at Graceland with “my daughter and the love of my life” when she dies. However, Elvis is buried between his parents’ graves, and Priscilla’s request was quickly denied. She then backed down.

The Presley family hasn’t been short of drama over the years, and this is just the latest chapter of it. It’s been widely reported that Priscilla and her daughter were deeply divided over the custody of Lisa Marie’s two youngest children. Priscilla sided with the twins’ father, Michael Lockwood, while Riley Keough backed Lisa Marie. After Lisa Marie’s death, Lockwood was granted full custody of the twins, ending a seven-year battle — but doing nothing to reconcile Priscilla and Riley.

Is the challenge to Lisa Marie’s will the last battle between factions of the feuding Presley clan? Time will tell.

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