Epstein Victim Comes Forward With Horrifying New Information

Epstein Victim Comes Forward With Horrifying New Information

(NewsReady.com) – A victim of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein has revealed shocking new details of abuse at his private island. South African model Juliette Bryant was allegedly abused by Epstein for two years, beginning when she was 20. Now, she’s ready to tell her story.

On April 4, the BBC launched a new documentary series about the family of war hero turned corrupt businessman Robert Maxwell. Unsurprisingly, the most shocking parts are about Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine, now notorious as Epstein’s companion and accomplice. A major figure in the story is Juliette Bryant, who was lured from Cape Town to Epstein’s private resort in the US Virgin Islands on the promise of a modeling job that never materialized.

Instead of taking part in a photoshoot as she expected, Bryant found herself forced to perform sex acts with Epstein. In a series of visits over two years, she estimates she saw at least 60 girls and women being trafficked to the island, saying, “It was just like a factory… he was running a machine and Ghislaine Maxwell was the one operating it.”

Bryant says the resort was full of nude pictures, including many of Maxwell, as well as disturbing art that included a painting of a walrus-like creature raping a girl. She also revealed that Epstein’s victims were terrified of him, and that he” “fed off” their fear. Explaining why she repeatedly went back to the island, she said, “Nobody disobeyed Epstein.”

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