Epstein Victims Rage After Queen Elizabeth Brings Prince Andrew Back Into Inner Circle

Epstein Victims Rage After Queen Elizabeth Brings Prince Andrew Back Into Inner Circle
  • Jeffrey Epstein allegedly trafficked underage girls for his rich friends.
  • Prince Andrew was friends with Epstein.
  • Virginia Giuffre alleges the royal assaulted her.
  • Queen Elizabeth recently came under fire for appearing with her son in public. 

(NewsReady.com) – Prince Andrew, the son of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth, has come under fire in recent years for his relationship with deceased American sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The queen’s son allegedly used Epstein’s services and had intercourse with at least one underage girl. Virginia Roberts Giuffre accused the royal of abusing her when she was a child. She sued him last year, and Andrew recently agreed to settle the suit.

After the allegations against Andrew came to light, he stepped back from his public role. The queen later stripped him of his titles. However, a recent public appearance with his mother has caused some of Epstein’s alleged victims to lash out.

Public Appearance

On March 29, Prince Andrew escorted his mother to a memorial service for her late husband (his father), Prince Philip. The late prince passed away almost a year ago on April 9, 2021, at the age of 99. The service was held at Westminister Abbey, and it marked Andrew’s first public appearance since he settled the rape lawsuit, allegedly for nearly $14 million, in February.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson told People the queen insisted on Andrew attending the service with her. He claimed the UK’s longest-serving monarch doesn’t believe her son did anything wrong and said, “She has faith in Andrew.”

Victims Speak Out

The Daily Beast reported that a number of victims were angry about Queen Elizabeth’s decision to appear in public with her disgraced son. Maria Farmer, who accused Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell of abusing her, said the queen’s decision was “terribly insulting” and accused her of normalizing sexual abuse.

Farmer said the royal family is used to doing whatever they want, but victims of abuse are changing that. She claimed Prince Andrew “admitted guilt … admitted culpability.” Although it’s true he settled the lawsuit, he has never publicly admitted he did anything wrong. In fact, Prince Andrew has denied all of the allegations against him.

Another of Epstein’s alleged victims, Juliette Bryant, said Andrew’s public outing with his mother was an “insult towards humanity.” She accused the royals of not caring about the pain inflicted on the victims.

How do you feel about Prince Andrew accompanying Queen Elizabeth?

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