Even CNN Sees Dem Blind Spot

Even CNN Sees Dem Blind Spot
  • Riots have caused millions of dollars in damage since May 2020.
  • Democratic leaders have praised people for taking to the streets.
  • More than a dozen deaths have been tied to the unrest. 
  • The riots were ignored at the 2020 DNC.

(NewsReady.com) – The riots taking over cities across the country have left many Americans shaken. Not only have people lost their businesses as a result of the unrest, some have even lost their lives. Democrats, however, don’t seem all that concerned and now they’re even being called out by CNN.

Don Lemon Points Out the Obvious

On August 25, CNN’s Don Lemon called out Dems for ignoring the riots taking place across the US. He told colleague Chris Cuomo, the “riots and protests” are “indistinguishable” now and that’s become evident in polling. He called it a “blind spot” for the Left and said it isn’t going to just go away because the leaders are ignoring it.

Lemon’s comments came as the violence in Kenosha, WI, raged on.

Biden Too Little Too Late

Joe Biden seems to have realized he can’t ignore the problem anymore and FINALLY spoke up on Wednesday. In a video posted to Twitter, the former vice president said “needless violence won’t heal” Americans and asked the country to come together.

The statement was pretty weak, though. Democratic leaders need to forcefully call out the far-Left agitators attacking police and destroying businesses. At a time when the country is struggling to get through a global pandemic, the last thing Americans should have to worry about is their world being destroyed by angry criminals.

While Biden posts videos on Twitter, President Donald Trump is sending in federal authorities to help the Wisconsin governor. There are real leaders, and then there are armchair activists who spend their time on social media.

Lemon is right; the Left has a blind spot and it may be their downfall.

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