Exorcism Goes Wrong on Child at Bible Camp

Exorcism Goes Wrong on Child at Bible Camp

Bible Camp TRAGEDY – Child in Bad Condition

(NewsReady.com) – Exorcisms don’t just happen in television and movies. In fact, they were being performed at a Bible camp in Canada this summer. According to reports, it went very wrong.

On July 13, exorcisms took place at the Redberry Bible Camp in Saskatchewan. Carlos Doerksen, the counselor who performed them, reportedly did one on a boy who was writhing on the floor and had a nosebleed. The child was allegedly in medical distress prior to the exorcism.

One of the children was lying on the floor without moving after the exorcism took place. He reportedly showed signs of a seizure, but none of the counselors called emergency personnel. The head of the camp admitted it took place, but didn’t comment further.

Executive Director Roland Thiessen said that Doerksen was praying over the boy and asking Jesus to free him.

Parents claimed they didn’t give the counselors permission to perform exorcisms on their children. Heather Richinski told CBC News that her 14-year-old son was receiving therapy. She said that she recently took her family on a lakeside vacation, but all he did was stay inside because he was afraid to go outdoors.

Authorities have made no arrests in the case.

What do you think about the situation? Should the police take action?

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