Expert Hints That The Kremlin Is Preparing Nuclear Attacks On American Ships

( – The US permitted Ukraine to use American-made weapons in the Kharkiv region to fight back against attacks. The decision infuriated Russia. A former Russian military expert has now suggested Moscow might attack US ships with nuclear weapons.

Igor Korotchenko appeared on Russian state-owned television recently and reportedly said that he believes there’s only one response to the Ukrainians using American missiles to strike Russia: “total destruction of all electrical generation in Ukraine.”

Korotchenko also mentioned the Russian ships that were practicing drills in the Atlantic Ocean on their way to Cuba and said that one of them, Kazan, was a nuclear-powered ship. He said that Russia only stated that Kazan was involved in the drills that simulated attacks on enemies. However, he believes there were also other Russian ships in the Atlantic Ocean that were carrying out tasks for the Kremlin.

The Russian expert went on to say that he thought those vessels were there to counter American strike groups. He claimed that if they carried out strikes on US ships, they’d be done with “special ordnance for maximum effectiveness, speed, and reliability.”

The host of the program asked if “special ordnance” meant the Russian vessels would hit the US ships with nuclear missiles. Korotchenko responded, “Yes, exactly.”

There’s no confirmation that Russia had any other ships in the Atlantic other than the ones they publicly acknowledged. Korotchenko didn’t elaborate on where he got that information.

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry has said none of the Russian vessels that made port on the island were carrying nuclear weapons. The Cuban government stressed the visit by the Russian fleet wasn’t a threat to the region. Reports indicated Russia’s navy was spotted less than 100 miles from Florida.

The Pentagon has made it clear the US was tracking the Russian vessels that were near the United States. The USS Helena, a fast-attack submarine, even traveled to Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay. That vessel was just one of about two dozen American boats that made a “routine post visit,” according to US Southern Command.

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