Experts Believe Monkeypox is Mutating 12x Faster Than Before

Experts Believe Monkeypox is Mutating 12x Faster Than Before

This Deadly Disease Is MUTATING – 12X Faster Than Expected!

( – After years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was finally moving into a new normal. Then, news came that another virus was spreading through dozens of countries. Recently, scientists revealed new information about monkeypox.

According to a new study by National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers, the virus has mutated 12 times faster than what doctors expected since 2018 — that’s when experts first detected the current strain in West Africa. The team at the American health agency studied 15 samples and restructured the virus’ genetic material to figure out how many times it had mutated.

The rapid mutation of the virus could explain why there’s a worldwide outbreak right now in places where it hasn’t been known to thrive. Currently, monkeypox cases have been detected in at least 50 countries. More than 200 people across at least 35 states have contracted the disease.

Monkeypox is closely related to smallpox, and the vaccine for the latter works to help prevent the relatively new virus. Researchers believe it’s spread by close bodily contact, but the rapid mutations could mean it passes to others by atypical means. The CDC warns patients to seek immediate medical care if they believe they’ve been infected. If possible, call ahead so the medical facility is properly protected.

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