Experts Claim Russia Might Break the Nuclear “Taboo”

Experts Claim Russia Might Break the Nuclear

Russia Might BREAK This “Taboo” – The Most Dangerous Decision On Earth

( – After WWII, world leaders made it quite clear they wouldn’t support any nation using a nuclear weapon. While many countries possess nuclear bombs, using them is taboo — to say the least. Some experts believe Russian President Vladimir Putin might decide to use them anyway.

In April, Ukraine warned that Russia might use tactical nuclear weapons. Putin’s military currently has about 2,000 nuclear weapons in its arsenal. In early May, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger attended the Financial Times Festival about the possibility of nuclear weapons being used. He said he believes the war on Ukraine is similar to the way WWI began and quickly escalated. The former secretary went on to say if Russia uses nuclear weapons, the world “just can’t accept it.”

Expert Gordon Chang penned a piece for the Gatestone Institute that quoted US President Joe Biden, who said Americans shouldn’t “worry about nuclear war,” but Chang believes “there is every reason to worry.” He goes on to explain Russia believes in escalating to deescalate, meaning the country could launch a nuclear strike if it feels threatened. Other experts believe Putin might launch one of the weapons to stop potential interference by Ukraine’s Western allies. Still, the Biden administration seems unconcerned about the possibility.

Are you worried about Putin launching a nuclear attack?

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