Experts: Putin Changing His Strategy in War With Ukraine

Experts: Putin Changing His Strategy in War With Ukraine

( – When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, some experts thought the country would fall quickly. More than a month into the war, it seems Russian President Vladimir Putin might have underestimated his opponent. He’s now allegedly changing tactics.

According to Newsweek, Putin is changing his military strategy to avoid losing the war. The Russian president has allegedly decided more brutal tactics are necessary if he wants to win. Former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst told the news organization that the Russian military is attacking civilian areas more often as Putin’s “forces have bogged down across the country.”

US officials told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) they believe Putin is no longer trying to capture Kyiv and oust Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Instead, they think he wants to convince Ukraine to accept Russia’s claims to the eastern and southern territories.

Herbst told the WSJ he thinks Putin has realized his battlefield strategy is failing.

US European Command Commander General Tod Wolters told Congress there are reports Putin is pulling troops away from Kyiv and plans to target other parts of the country after facing fierce Ukrainian resistance.

However, the WSJ reported that even though Putin has changed tactics, officials think the war will drag on if Ukraine doesn’t give up the southern and eastern regions.

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