Experts: Wagner Plane Was Sabotaged

( – In June, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group, ordered his troops to march to Moscow. The leader of the mercenaries criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for the war in Ukraine and also expressed displeasure with the head of the military. The group never reached their destination, turning back before things got bloody. Two months later, he’s reportedly dead, and some experts believe it was intentional.

On August 23, Russian authorities announced that a private Embraer Legacy 600 plane crashed during a flight from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. The aircraft had seven passengers and three members of a flight crew on board at the time. According to flight logs, Prigozhin and his top official at Wagner were onboard, along with several other important figures in the group.

When the plane dropped out of the sky, another flight linked to Wagner turned around and returned to Moscow. On August 25, a severed wing from the plane was allegedly found miles from the crash site. NBC News reported that aviation experts are now saying the new information is further proof that the crash was no accident.

Unnamed US intelligence officials allegedly told the media organization that the plane was most likely sabotaged. One of them said there’s a theory that someone placed an explosive device on board, bringing the aircraft down.

Jeff Guzzetti said it appears that the aircraft “came apart in-flight following some sort of catastrophic event” while in mid-air. Video of the crash spread across the internet and showed the plane barreling to the ground. Guzzetti said the aircraft “literally fell to the ground like a Coke bottle […] missing wing parts.” He explained that newer jets, like the one Prigozhin was in, don’t do that “unless something happened.”

The Pentagon has said there is no evidence supporting claims that a surface-to-air missile was used to bring the plane down.

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