Facebook Board Scolds Company for Trump Ban Decision

Facebook Board Scolds Company for Trump Ban Decision

(NewsReady.com) – In January, Facebook banned then-President Donald Trump from its platform after the incident on Capitol Hill. The company later announced the ban was indefinite, but said its independent board would be taking a look at the decision. They have now done exactly that and made a surprising comment.

On May 5, the Oversight Board upheld the ban on Trump’s use of Facebook and Instagram. However, the members of the board ruled it was “not appropriate” for the social media company to “impose the indeterminate and standardless penalty of indefinite suspension.” They explained that Facebook typically removes the questionable content, permanently disables the account, or imposes a ban for a certain period of time; in this case, none of those steps were taken.

The Oversight Board then threw the case back to Facebook and told the company it should review the ban again to determine a “proportionate response” that’s consistent with the punishments it has handed out to other users. In other words, Trump should not have been treated differently because of who he is.

The ruling seems to confirm what Conservatives have known all along: the 45th president was unfairly banned from the platform because he is Donald Trump.

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