Factory Forced To Pay Ex-Employee $26K After Firing Him for Wearing Cross

Factory Forced To Pay Ex-Employee $26K After Firing Him for Wearing Cross

Anti-Christian Company Gets What It Deserves After Firing Worker

(NewsReady.com) – Jevgenijs Kovalkovs’ mother gave him a cross as a gift to signify his commitment to his Russian Orthodox Church. He was told he wasn’t allowed to wear it while at his job in Scotland. Now, his former employer has been ordered to pay thousands.

In June, a tribunal in Dundee, Scotland, ordered a factory to pay $26,000 for firing Kovalkovs. Employment Judge Louise Cowen said he lost his job “as a result of the discrimination toward him.”

Kovalkovs worked as a quality inspector at 2 Sisters Food Group Limited when his manager told him he couldn’t wear the cross necklace, which had been sanctified. The manager said the jewelry was a “hazard.”

The factory had a rule that allowed religious jewelry after a risk assessment was carried out. However, Kovalkovs’ supervisor didn’t bother with the assessment; they just prohibited him from wearing the necklace. He ignored the order to stop wearing the cross and was later fired.

Like the United States, Scotland prohibits religious discrimination. The Human Rights Act 1998 protects the rights of all people in the United Kingdom to worship as they choose. The factory violated Kovalkovs’ rights when it didn’t provide him the opportunity to obtain a religious exemption.

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