Famous Actor Hospitalized Amid Abuse Allegations

Famous Actor Hospitalized Amid Abuse Allegations

(NewsReady.com) – John Amos is one of the most beloved actors in American television and cinema. He had roles in “Good Times,” “The West Wing,” “Roots,” “Die Hard 2,” and dozens of other projects throughout his career. News about the actor stunned Hollywood and beyond.

On June 9, Shannon Amos, the actor’s daughter, posted about her father on Instagram. She said she received a phone call on May 14 from her father. In it, he said he was hospitalized in Memphis, Tennessee, and was in a lot of pain. The seemingly terrified daughter said John was in the ICU, revealing “his life [is] hanging by a thread.”

Shannon alleges that her father was “a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation.” She said the family was cooperating with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and local police to bring the people reportedly abusing the 83-year-old to justice. His daughter then announced a GoFundMe with a $500,000 goal that she set up to raise money for her father’s legal fees and medical care.

After the shocking post from Shannon Amos, TMZ reached out to the actor’s publicist, Belinda Foster. She said John was being treated at a Memphis hospital after physicians found fluid in his lower body. The fluid retention was causing issues with his heart. She went on to say the “Good Times” actor appreciates the support of those reaching out, but wanted to “let everyone know he is with his son and he is OK.”

The celebrity gossip site also spoke to John, and he accused his daughter of lying. He said nobody is abusing him and has no idea why his daughter created a fundraiser for his care. He also spoke to Fox News Digital and said he wasn’t fighting for his life or in the ICU.

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office confirmed an allegation was made about the actor’s well-being, saying he might have been the victim of a crime. The department said it takes any allegations seriously and they are investigating.

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