Fast Food Argument Turns FATAL Before the First Day of School

Child Left Disfigured After Chicken Nuggets Bought at McDonald's

( – Students in Washington, DC, started back to school on August 28. Two students weren’t in their classrooms, however. That’s because one of them allegedly killed the other in an argument at a fast-food restaurant.

On Sunday, August 27, 16-year-old Naima Liggon went to McDonald’s with a teenage girl. The two of them went into the restaurant and ordered food. After they received their purchase, they went outside and got into a vehicle. That’s when the night took a dramatic and sad turn.

At a hearing on Monday in DC Superior Court, Metropolitan Police Detective Brendan Jasper testified that Liggon was allegedly stabbed by her friend after they got into an argument about sweet-and-sour sauce. A third girl joined the two just after 2 a.m. The detective said security footage showed Liggon and another girl hitting a 16-year-old unnamed girl. The teen who was being assaulted did not fight back initially.

Jasper said that as Liggon and her friend tried to get in the vehicle, the teen lunged and stabbed her in the abdomen and chest with a pocket knife more than 7 inches long.

Liggon was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle, but doctors couldn’t save her. The teenager who stabbed her is now claiming self-defense.

Liggon’s family released a statement calling her “beautiful, smart, funny, and unique,” and saying she loved art, music, and basketball. They said she was studying to become a master barber. Over the summer, she landed a job at Krispy Kreme where she was going to work as a donut master. Liggon also planned to get her driver’s license soon, a rite of passage for teenagers.

Her loved ones said that her death has had a significant impact on their family, community, and friends. Because of a silly fight at a fast-food restaurant, she will never experience her life.

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