Fauci Weighs In on Future of COVID

Fauci Weighs In on Future of COVID

(NewsReady.com) – States are reopening and some are concerned about the potential occurrence of a second COVID-19 wave. Many people think that means everyone should stay home indefinitely. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently weighed in on the matter, sharing his thoughts about the possibility and how we might get a better grip on the situation.

To start, Fauci made it clear the virus isn’t going away, even after a vaccine is developed. He said there would be a resurgence in the upcoming fall and winter months, but it might not turn into another peak.

Dr. Fauci says we have months to prepare for a potential second wave. Some preparations could include more testing (which is increasing) and better isolation of those who test positive. He also advocated for the controversial practice of contact tracing.

According to the doctor, as of May 27, there are about 125 potential vaccine candidates. Some are on track to be authorized for production in December. In the meantime, Fauci recommends regularly washing your hands and wearing face masks in public, even when social distancing.

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  2. God gave us a brain, he created us and the earth. He knows everything that is going to happen, he knows the decisions we are going to make. He’s the one I’m going to trust.

  3. Even with the fake numbers this isn’t 1/3 the danger as the Asian flue was in 1957. Is just another flue bug.

  4. I wear a mask for other peoples sake. I also think this virus scare is not as bad as we have been told. Democrats always say, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” The Democrats I grew up with are totally gone. The Democrats we have today in power, are Traitors to all Americans. All Americans.

  5. I social distance all the time because of my autoimmune system issues and don’t ever want serious complications. Good hygiene of washing hands is a given at any time.
    I’m good with my own thoughts for taking care of my health…so far, so good at age 70. Guess I’ve been on the right road. Have taken extra precautions wearing a face covering during this time. Things are getting better.
    Pray you will all be well and that this virus, even coming around again or any new one, will be mild so no one will pass away from it. This has been a very sad time for many losing someone. Stay safe and be well!

  6. Experts??? It takes an expert (WHO, CDC, Faucci, Birx, Gates, doctor, scientist, etc) to tell you how to “stay safe” from a “pandemic “ virus that has a 99% survival rate??? Do the math, folks! (Break out the calculator and enter 1000,000 (the # of U.S. deaths ATTRIBUTED fto Covid19) divided by 300,000,000 (the current U.S. population) equals ..03. So 100 -.03=99.97 If your doctor said you had cancer, but the survival rate for your type was 99.97% , your family and friends wouldn’t be planning your funeral, they’d be planning a party to celebrate! Stop being terrified sheeple controlled by corrupt federal, state, count and city “leaders” who an have insatiable appetite for power and authority! Stop allowing them to deprive you of your God-given rights, which are guaranteed to
    American citizens by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Take off the masks & gloves, go back to work and church and baseball games, and quit listening to the MSM media that parrots the message if doom & gloom and LIVE!!

    • Well said….. !!!! People have to get over their fear. As if no one has dies from anything other than the insanity virus. GOD Bless

    • Common sense has gone completely out the window. Don’t people realize that wearing a mask hurts your immune system? Don’t they realize that a mask doesn’t have a one way door on it. If a virus can get in, it can get out so you are not protecting anybody from anything. All you are doing is feeding the fear. Take the diaper off your face and stop spreading the crap coming out of your mouth. It’s time to wake up. WWG1WGA

    • Then you aren’t concerned about the thousands that are in the streets of every big city in the country, not social distancing? All those folks who are yelling and screaming and crowding don’t have to worry about catching the virus?

  7. moose muffins this is a guy who cannot keep his story straight is connected with the ilk of bill gates ,and you want us to believe it is so critical in past conversation that we have to give out whatever flavor vaccine they want without real testing , all politicians bill gates faucci clintons and a host of mant more you be the guinea pigs

  8. The problem is they can get the virus and not even know it but can pass it on to others who may be really sick and even die from it.

  9. Problem is those people can get it and not even have recognized symptoms but they can be spreading it to others who may get sicker and even die from it. The problem is are we going to err on the right side, act responsibly and take precautions , or are we going to err on the wrong side and be responsible for somebody’s death?

  10. Dr Fauci has been the only consistent One throughout this pandemic. His professional opinion hasn’t changed from day one! Think about it! What he predicted has come to be our truth- how many times does it need to be said. Unfortunate, how others has misconstrued his message. We’re not the expert and we need to remember that!!

    • Can you hear or read….. If Fauci’s mouth is moving…. he is changing his mind!!!!

  11. I think this has been a plandemic all along. I live in 1 of the states that is opening (Florida) and there is no surge in cases. If there is to be a herd immunity, people need to do whatever they do during flu season. He is right about one thing: it is not going away. But, I am not going to live in fear (which is what the demoncrats, liberal media and Fauci want). I am going on with my life.

    • Then you aren’t concerned about the thousands that are in the streets of every big city in the country, not social distancing? All those folks who are yelling and screaming and crowding don’t have to worry about catching the virus?

  12. I don’t trust Fauci. I would rather trust the doctor he stole the thesis from and submitted to a medical journal as his own. Fauci promotes scare tactics and is tied with Bill Gates with the covid id tattoo.

  13. Stick with the advice and learn about the virus. WE can meet 6ft. apart for reasonable social distancing. people seem to go to both extremes. Good common sense. Stay healthy, get fresh air and exercise. M Mouse

  14. Fauci is an EViL man. I wouldn’t trust him behind a split matchstick. He needs to be fired. He is not trustworthy. STOP THE FEAR!

    • He is the professional and very experienced. I don’t listen to people who just try to stir up trouble and make a political thing out of this. This is our health and possibly our life at stake here.

  15. I will go with the expert instead of believing every conspiracy theory thrown out there! Better safe than sorry. I don’t need to lose someone to covid 19 to take good advice. Everyone stay safe!

    • “the expert” ?? Doctors, etc are all over the place, the CDC keeps changing its mind, Fauci keeps changing, etc. There is no “expert.”

    • People who are politicizing this virus ate not to be trusted. This is our health and that of others. As more research is fine , more information is learned. So the more they study this virus the more they learn and it may change what they thought was true before. That is true in all science. People didn’t believe there was such a thing as bacteria either but they so learned differently. I will stick with the scientists even if they change their mind over people who have no knowledge at all about it and just make up stuff on their own.

  16. Did this come from the Mad Communist Dr. alone or was WHO, China and the Socialist Devilrat party a big part in his outcry? Never trust a man who is selling himself to a enemy of ours for power and big money.

  17. I feel the same as the good doctor. Big problem is that there many people that don’t think there is such a violent virus and go on with their lives as if nothing is happening. When they get the virus it will be too late to change their thinking.

    • You “feel same as good doctor. “. You mean how he feels now ? Or last week? Or Feb when he said he had nothing to worry about ? Or. . ?

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