FBI Accused of Spying on Important Journalist

FBI Accused of Spying on Important Journalist

(NewsReady.com) – The FBI is in hot water on a number of fronts. Republicans in the House of Representatives are currently investigating the alleged politicization of the agency. Now, federal authorities are accused of spying on a Conservative journalist.

On March 24, The New York Times published a report alleging a woman named Jen Loh was an FBI informant who was embedded in the Proud Boys. The alleged hate group is at the center of the January 6 controversy, and several members are on trial for sedition, with at least one of them pleading guilty. The Times alleged Loh got very close to members of the group and their families, even attending a prayer circle with them. She denied the allegations that she worked for the federal agency or spied on the group.

A Twitter account dubbed InvestigateJ6 made similar allegations.

A reporter from the National File named Charles Downs took the opportunity to make allegations of his own.

According to an account published by the National File, Downs said that after reading the allegations being made about Loh, he recognized the name. He claimed he looked in his phone contacts and found her number saved under “Jen Loh Latinos for Trump.”

Downs went on to say he met Loh for the first time in May 2022 through someone else. He claimed she asked him a number of intrusive questions, and finally, he decided to stop talking to her. Over the next several months, she allegedly continued trying to contact him.

The journalist claimed the FBI was treating him like an “enemy of the state.” Downs also said he doesn’t want “anyone to experience political violence” as he has. Loh has not, as of yet, commented on these specific allegations; she has only issued the blanket denial that was published in the Times.

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