FBI Chief Admits Carter Page Warrant Was “Unacceptable”

(NewsReady.com) – FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted on Wednesday that the bureau’s behavior against Trump aide Carter Page was unacceptable. Addressing Congress for the first time since the release of a damning report into the agency’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Wray said he was making changes.

In front of the House Judiciary Committee to give an update on FISA reforms, Wray said that what was done to Page “cannot be repeated.” He told the committee that he’s already ordered more than 40 “corrective actions” to make the bureau more accountable and disciplined.

The Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court has ordered an inquiry into FISA abuses by the FBI. Its presiding judge recently said more rulings are likely to come out soon, so the pressure is on Wray to make sure that, whatever is revealed about his agency’s actions, it never happens again.

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