FBI Raid Leads to Union Leader’s Resignation

FBI Raid Leads to Union Leader's Resignation

(NewsReady.com) – Ed Mullins has long been a controversial figure in New York City. Now, the longtime leader of the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) has resigned from his position after an FBI raid.

On October 5, federal agents descended on Mullins’ home and the SBA offices. Federal law enforcement is reportedly investigating him for corruption. The agents carried out boxes of evidence from both locations, and one reporter said it looked like bulletproof vests.

After the raids, the union’s board sent out a letter to its members notifying them that Mullins had resigned from his position. The letter stated union officials didn’t know the “nature and scope” of the FBI investigation, but it was clear Mullins was the target. The board said it doesn’t seem as though any other member is involved.

The SBA represents roughly 13,000 active and retired NYPD sergeants. It’s also responsible for a $264-million retirement fund. Democrats often clashed with Mullins during his time as SBA president. Recently, the former union chief put a spotlight on officials who want to defund law enforcement.

The FBI has confirmed an investigation is underway but refused to comment on the case or search warrants.

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