FBI Raid: Trump Documents Unethically Seized?

Trump Documents Possibly Unethically Seized in FBI Sting Operation

(NewsReady.com) – On Wednesday, April 28, FBI agents stormed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment in the Big Apple. The federal agents reportedly confiscated a number of items, including electronics and files. But, it’s one set of files that has put former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney on edge.

On Friday, a couple of days after the raid, Giuliani spoke to Newsmax about the FBI’s actions. He said that the “unethical, corrupt” Justice Department seized multiple documents related to his representation of Donald Trump. He explained that when he was a prosecutor, a raid like one that took place on him wouldn’t have happened because they obeyed “the Constitution.”

Giuliani said the DOJ has violated attorney-client privilege by taking his Trump-related documents. He went on to say that if he did what they did, he would have been “fired, disbarred and thrown in jail” and that he’s sick of the former president “having no rights in America.”

The DOJ has not commented on the raid.

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