FBI Said “That Was Our Guys” When Discussing WikiLeaks Dump

FBI Said

(NewsReady.com) – It’s already obvious that a faction inside the FBI was actively conspiring against President Donald Trump from the moment he said he was running for the White House. But, the more you look, the more shameless and obvious the bias gets. In fact, some FBI officials weren’t even pretending to be politically impartial.

A newly declassified FBI memo shows just how open this bias was. It details a text message conversation between Jennifer Boon, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Baltimore field office, and an unnamed agent. Boon was the lead agent on the fake “investigation” into Trump aide Carter Page, based on allegations from a British mercenary hired by the Democratic Party. The memo shows her talking about a dump of emails from the DNC server to Wikileaks – and when the agent she was talking to said “That was our guys,” an unsurprised Boon just said “Got it.”

The question is, who were “our guys?” We know it wasn’t Russia, because the Dems hired investigators who made those allegations up. It now looks likely the Democrats themselves leaked those emails, and if the FBI were siding with a political party to the extent of calling them “our guys,” something has gone dangerously wrong in our democratic system.

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