FBI Scandal Forces Multiple Agents Out

FBI Scandal Forces Multiple Agents Out

(NewsReady.com) – Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are supposed to be among the country’s most elite law enforcement officers. There’s an expectation that these men and women are honest, upstanding citizens. In recent years, America has learned that isn’t always the case — and now the agency is embroiled in another embarrassing scandal.

A recent report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed five FBI agents solicited prostitutes while working on an assignment overseas. The probe found that four of them not just solicited, but paid and had sexual relations with the women. The fifth agent tried and failed to procure one of the workers.

The OIG report said four of the officials “lacked candor about their interactions with prostitutes and other misconduct.” One of the men made false statements to the investigator, triggering a polygraph test. The test showed he was deceptive.

The probe also discovered another agent gave an officer overseas a package that contained roughly 100 white pills. When investigators asked the agent about it, he denied “observing or placing pills” in a package to give to the officer. The report didn’t explain what kind of pills they were. A sixth agent knew about the misconduct happening with the other five, but failed to report it.

The FBI will now decide how to handle the case. Of the officers involved in the misconduct, one was removed from his position, two resigned, two retired, and the sixth agent’s punishment isn’t known. The report didn’t name the FBI agents or discuss where the violations took place.

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