FBI Spent 16,000 More Hours Investigating January 6th Than BLM Protests

FBI Spent 16,000 More Hours Investigating January 6th Than BLM Protests

(NewsReady.com) – In May 2020, the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers led to protests that lasted months. Less than a year later, on January 6, 2021, thousands of then-President Donald Trump’s supporters descended on the Capitol Building. Now, we are learning how much time the FBI allegedly devoted to each of these events.

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project reportedly obtained documents showing how much the FBI worked in the wake of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots compared to the January 6 riots, and the difference was stunning. According to the data, the agents worked 16,000 more hours after the attack on the Capitol Building.

The Oversight Project compared the two by pointing to the fire that was lit at St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square. Reporting at the time alleged Trump was taken to the White House bunker when that occurred.

Trump initially denied he was taken to the bunker during that incident. He later said he went down for a brief moment to inspect it.

In contrast, the lawmakers on Capitol Hill on the day of the riots had to flee from the building. Others were trapped in a chamber while protesters tried to get into the room. At one point, a rioter was killed when she tried to climb through a glass door window into a chamber where lawmakers were hiding.

But the BLM riots caused billions in damage. Reports vary about how much it cost to repair the damage, but some were as high as $2 billion. Businesses around the country were completely destroyed, many of which went out of business after, and an estimated 19 people died. At least 150 police officers were harmed across the country.

The FBI has not explained why its agents worked so many more hours after January 6 than they did during the BLM riots.

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