FBI Whistleblower Explodes Over Delay in CNN Producer’s Arrest

FBI Whistleblower Explodes Over Delay in CNN Producer's Arrest

(NewsReady.com) – In December, federal authorities arrested CNN Producer John Griffin. He was accused of grooming children and sexually abusing at least one of them. Shockingly, it took the FBI more than a year to take him into custody, and an agency whistleblower is livid.

According to reports, the FBI searched Griffin’s electronic devices 17 months before they arrested him. Former FBI Special Agent Jane Turner told Fox News the producer is a “very, very dangerous offender.” She pointed out that he hates women and said she wanted to know his history. The former agent, who blew the lid off the agency mishandling of child sex trafficking cases at North Dakota’s Native American reservations, slammed the feds for not arresting Griffin sooner.

Turner said the FBI’s handling of the case proves the agency doesn’t care about “these kind[s] of cases.”

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani also spoke to the network about the case, saying there wasn’t any “legitimate reason” for the agency to take so long to arrest the producer.

The evidence against Griffin is incredibly disturbing. There is reportedly drone footage of the former CNN producer standing next to a nude 9-year-old girl. He was allegedly exchanging texts with the child’s caregiver to arrange sexual encounters.

One has to wonder: were any other girls harmed between the time the FBI seized Griffin’s electronics and when he was arrested?

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