FBI Won’t Say Why It’s Investigating a “Creepy Doll” Company

FBI Won't Say Why It's Investigating a

(NewsReady.com) – Federal agents searched a Massachusetts business last week, and they’re not saying why. However, locals think the nature of the business might offer some clues. The owner of the Peabody store — described as a “creepy doll” shop — seems determined to shock people. Have they gone too far?

On March 7, FBI agents raided Kat’s Creepy Creations, an art business and store in Peabody, Massachusetts. The bureau confirmed that it was searching the business and the home of owner Kat McLean, but spokeswoman Kristen Setera said that “to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” she wasn’t going to comment on why they were searching. A glance at McLean’s Instagram account does suggest some possible reasons, though.

McLean describes their art as “Creations that shock the mind & shake the soul,” but the bulk of their business seems to be custom creepy dolls. However, they also say they can supply human bones and advertise display boxes containing human vertebrae. One picture of a doll was captioned to make sure people knew the human skull in the doll’s arms was real.

It’s not actually against the law to buy or sell human bones in most of the US. In fact, until the 1980s, medical students were expected to buy real bones as study aids, and there was a thriving business that sold them bones and complete skeletons. That changed in 1984, though, when India — which supplied most of the bones on the US market — banned the export of human remains. Now, the bone suppliers have switched to high-quality replicas. Still, there’s no federal law against owning or selling human bones, and Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee are the only states that restrict the trade.

Although it isn’t against the law to sell bones, anyone doing so can expect to be asked some questions about where the bones came from. Neighbors say the FBI removed boxes and containers, including one marked BIOHAZARD, from the store last Tuesday. They were also seen at McLean’s home in Salem, Massachusetts — and they were digging in the yard.

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