Federal Government Pouring Billions Into Electric School Bus Program

Federal Government Pouring Billions Into Electric School Bus Program

(NewsReady.com) – In 2021, Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The legislation created a massive green energy school bus program costing $5 billion over the next five years. School districts are now acquiring buses through the EPA-run program.

In November, rural Missouri school districts won almost $22 million in funding from the Clean School Bus rebate program. The EPA awarded the Albertville City Schools (ACS) system in Alabama $7.5 million in December.

The federal government is trying to move school districts away from diesel-powered school buses and provide a clean energy alternative. It’s awarding millions across the country to do just that, and school districts have their hands out.

Axios reports that while the buses are not in use, they act as giant batteries that store surplus energy the districts can sell back to the grid. Traditionally, the buses were far too expensive for cash-strapped districts, but with government and state rebates, they’re becoming more affordable.

There are cons to electric school buses, though. The electric grids in some areas might not be able to handle charging entire fleets. EVs are more expensive to repair. The batteries deplete over time, and if districts don’t get flat rates for electricity, then they might not save as much money while charging during peak hours.

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