Finally! Some Good News For Trump

Finally! Some Good News For Trump

( – If you’ve been paying any attention to the mainstream media (MSM) over the last several weeks, then you might think Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is dead. Article after article proclaims presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading the president in polls. Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is rejecting that narrative, however.

During a July 27 interview with “Fox & Friends,” McDaniel said that, as she travels the country, she’s noticed the excitement for President Trump is higher now than it was in 2016. The chairwoman explained she’s also “seen it through our volunteers” and donations. Biden, on the other hand, has an “enthusiasm” issue.

McDaniel made the same point last week in another Fox News interview.

In Monday’s discussion, the chairwoman also pointed out a Cato Institute survey found 62% of Americans have political views they’re afraid to share. If that’s the case, polling could be skewed.

Could the “Silent Majority” come out en masse in November? That’s certainly a possibility.

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