Fired Fox Host Takes Legal Action

Ed Henry Plants Seeds of Revenge on Fox News

( – In July 2020, Fox News fired host Ed Henry after a former employee accused him of violently raping her. A year later, the former “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-anchor has now filed lawsuits against multiple news agencies accusing them of defamation.

On Wednesday, June 30, Henry filed a lawsuit in US District Court in New Jersey against Fox News and CEO Suzanne Scott. He argues that he engaged in a consensual relationship with Jennifer Eckhart, the woman who accused him of rape. The lawsuit accuses the network of “publicly humiliating” him when they turned against him, and claims Scott “sandbagged” him in order to “save her own career.”

Henry is not stopping with Fox News, though. The next day, he filed lawsuits against both CNN and NPR for their coverage about his firing the year before. In the suit filed in New York federal court, he claims the news organizations have “longstanding grudges against Fox News and/or individuals associated with the company,” which impacted their coverage.

NPR is standing behind their report, saying that they’ll “vigorously defend it against [the] meritless claim.” Fox News said they’re also going to defend themselves against Henry’s “baseless allegations.” CNN had no comment. A lawyer for Henry’s accuser says she has nothing more to say, and she stands by her previous statements.

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