First US Warship Sailor Tests COVID-19 Positive

First US Warship Sailor Tests COVID-19 Positive

( – It was only a matter of time before someone in the US military became infected with the coronavirus. A US sailor assigned to the USS Boxer who tested positive for the virus is self-quarantining at home. Everyone else who made contact with the service member is doing the same.

The US military said stringent hygiene practices are in place to stop the spread of diseases like COVID-19. Their quick response in this situation proves they’re taking the threat seriously.

Thankfully, the USS Boxer was in port when the sailor fell ill. Quarantining a military member at sea is more difficult. It’s unknown whether the sailor slept on the ship or was just working aboard it during the day. Further investigations are underway to determine if anyone else is at risk.

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  1. Wondering if the civilian employees working on the ship or base are being tested for the Coronavirus????

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