Flynn Judge Strikes Again

Flynn Judge Strikes Again
  • In April, FBI documents were unsealed and proved the law enforcement agency was trying to catch Flynn in a lie. 
  • In early May, the Department of Justice dropped the case.
  • Later that month, the federal judge refused to dismiss the case.
  • In June, a federal appeals court ordered the judge to drop it.

( – There was some hope last month that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s nightmare would be over. The DOJ dropped his case and then an appeals court panel ordered activist Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss it. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet, and now the judge is digging his heels in.

The Drama

In April, FBI released documents related to the Flynn case to the public. The material showed agents were discussing the strategy and deliberating whether the goal was for “truth/admission” or “to get him to lie.”

In May, the DOJ dropped the case as it no longer believed Flynn should go to jail and wanted the retired general to move on and enjoy his life in peace. District Judge Emmet Sullivan decided to take it upon himself and continue the hearing. After a lawsuit filed by Flynn’s lawyers, an appeals court told Sullivan to dismiss the case.

Sullivan Appeals

The issue should’ve been settled then and there, but that’s not what happened. This week, Sullivan decided he wasn’t going to do as ordered. It appears he’s allowed personal bias to get in the way of his job and he’s now asking a full appeals court to hear the Flynn case.

If Sullivan is victorious, the appeals court could approve his decision to appoint a third party to challenge the DOJ and determine whether or not Flynn committed perjury. For whatever reason, Sullivan has decided he’s all-knowing and will not let the case die. Unfortunately, this means the retired general is being subjected to even more proceedings.

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