Food Supply Shortages Predicted to Hit Home Next Year

Food Supply Shortages Predicted to Hit Home This Year

( – The COVID-19 pandemic, shutdowns, and ransomware attacks have caused problems that have been dragging on for months. Worker shortages, the port crisis, and other issues are compounding the problems. One of the most severe problems is the food supply shortages across the country. Many Americans are wondering if they’re going to extend into 2022.

According to reports, some of the food shortages are going to continue into the new year. As 2021 winds down, a ransomware attack on Schreiber Foods combined with COVID-19 restrictions is being blamed for a nationwide cream cheese shortage.

Other food, including pork, potato chips, and a wider variety of dairy products could be in short supply.

Experts predict federal intervention and actions by the private sector will help ease some of the issues. President Joe Biden’s administration plans to invest $4 billion in the food supply chain. The money will help improve food processing, support production, and invest in both marketing and distribution opportunities. That money and the $100 million loan guarantee program that the American Rescue Plan Act created will also help processing companies. Nasdaq predicts the worker shortage, which is causing many of the problems with the supply chain, will decline.

Hopefully, the American people get relief sooner rather than later.

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