FOP President Slams Seattle Leadership

FOP President Slams Seattle Leadership

( – On June 20, gunfire erupted in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP). A 19-year-old died in the shooting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first act of violence in the so-called autonomous zone, and it’s starting to worry law enforcement officials.

During a June 22 interview on “Fox & Friends,” Washington State Fraternal Order of Police President Marco Monteblanco said the violence in CHOP “is very concerning.” He said there’s a “lack of leadership” between city officials, labor unions, and police administration in Seattle. There’s no doubt; officials in the city are turning the six-block area downtown into a dangerous battle zone. Conservative pundit Mark Levin called it “Baghdad.”

The current situation is not sustainable. People are being hurt and the police who are supposed to protect the city aren’t able to do their jobs because politicians won’t allow them to. It’s ridiculous and it’s bound to get more people killed.

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