Forbes Predicts Hypersonic Cold War in 2022

Forbes Predicts Hypersonic Cold War in 2022

( – It’s that time of year again when experts make predictions about what the new year will bring. Saxo Bank is no different. It has released its “Outrageous Predictions 2022” list, and among the possible catastrophes is a hypersonic cold war.

In October, Financial Times reported China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon over the summer. The missile, which uses technology that makes it undetectable on radar, reportedly circled the Earth at a low orbit in space before almost hitting its target. The weapons also do not require a launchpad like other missiles. When US intelligence officials found out about the test, they were shocked.

The US is reportedly reworking its own hypersonic missile program in the wake of the Chinese government’s test. Saxo Bank predicts the European Union, India, and others could also start developing them, leading to an arms race.

The head of FX strategy at Saxo Bank, John Hardy, told Forbes that the cold war wouldn’t just be between China and the US, but with other global leaders. He thinks that until all of the major countries get the weapons, there will be “massive insecurities about legacy, conventional and nuclear capabilities.”

Republicans are concerned President Joe Biden isn’t prepared to meet this threat. Hopefully, the Pentagon is.

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