Foreign Disinformation Behind COVID Rumors, Says White House

White House, COVID Rumors, and Who's to Blame

( – President Donald Trump’s administration officials say a foreign disinformation campaign is underway against the US. Their goal is to spread fake news and cause panic. The White House is disputing one of the lies already.

This week, a senior White House official told Fox News that there’s an “ongoing effort” to spread disinformation and cause fear. Tweets and other social media messages are claiming the administration plans to put the whole country in lockdown. The National Security Council, Department of Homeland Security and Vice President Pence’s team called the rumor a lie.

Not only is fake news spreading, but cyberattacks are now a concern. Bloomberg reports an attack hit the Department of Health and Human Services on Saturday. The aim of the attack was to slow down the department’s computers. The news organization’s sources say a hostile state is likely to blame. Fortunately, it wasn’t successful.

It’s important that every American verify the information shared online. Think about it before hitting the share button. The president and his coronavirus team brief the country every day. Those updates are critical and trustworthy.

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