Former Bumble Bee CEO Gets Stung in Court

Former Bumble Bee CEO Gets Stung in Court

( – For years, some of the largest canned tuna companies in the country conspired with one another to inflate prices. This scam led to an investigation by the FBI and DOJ Antitrust Division. Now, one of the former CEOs embroiled in the scandal has received a sentence for his crimes.

Former CEO of Bumble Bee Foods, Christopher Lischewski, was stung by the court this week according to the DOJ. In a June 16 statement, the department announced the former executive is going to jail for 40 months and has to pay a $100,000 criminal fine. The corporation will also have to pay $25 million.

Bumble Bee is just one part of the scenario. Last September, StarKist was ordered to pay $100 million. Chicken of the Sea executives are the ones who told federal investigators about the scheme and, as a result, they were given immunity from prosecution.

The DOJ said the investigation into the price-fixing scandal is going to continue.

The entire crime was such a breach of the public’s trust. Arbitrarily inflating food prices merely for profit hurts American families, The perpetrators are rightly facing justice for their actions.

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    our government. Vote her out.

  2. Pelosi has corrupt genes. Her father was the most corrupt mayor of Baltimore. She was born into the power of corrupt politicians.
    She has gotten mega wealth from working stiff Americans who continue to elect that swamp monster. Go figure. I can’t even stand to here her fake whispery voice.

  3. It figures politicians both Democrat and Republicans tend to be self seeking scumbags! So they reap what they sow and they can’t take it with them when they’re gone. So a curse should follow their offspring‘s and beyond one generation

  4. When I was a kid, those cans of tuna were 16 oz, then 14 oz, then 12oz, then 10 oz etc. Today for the same price there is only one serving, 5 ounces, so I just don’t buy them any more.

  5. Plz included Nancy Pelosi on on the prison time!! Go look up the way she manipulated the minimum wage game for her and venture capitalist husbands extensive star kist tuna game to effect mkt share on american Samoa…Many yrs ago when min wage was raised she got language in the bill to inflate their tuna holdings!!

  6. That’s outright theft, they should all face lengthy prison sentences
    #MAGA, semper fi

  7. They should be processing and canning these products in America , That’s why we have no jobs in America.

  8. Does this mean that these companies will have to reimburse the consumers? If so, how will that be carried out?

  9. Now you should go after companies that are owned by 3 world countries (companies ) who try to fool the American buying public that they are MADE,PRODUCED,MFG. IN AMERICA!
    Companies owned by Chinese,Mexican,Central American ,European, India (you get the idea)
    like the Chinese companies that bought Italian fashion name brands, bring in Cheap Cinese employees to Italy, and knock out cheap products ( Ferregano, Prada, etc)

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