Former Civil Rights Activists Is Not Down With BLM

Former Civil Rights Activists Is Not Down With BLM

( – The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has been shrouded in controversy almost since it started. The idea that they refuse to acknowledge all lives matter rankles a lot of Americans. Contrary to the rhetoric on the Left, plenty of non-racist people do not like BLM, including a civil rights activist.

On June 24, Bob Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center, spoke to Lou Dobbs about BLM. He said the organization has “blood on its hands” and slammed them for “trolling for other George Floyds.”

The former civil rights activist told the Fox Business host that the head of BLM once traveled to Houston after a 7-year-old died and “raised $100,000 in reward money” because they believed her killer was white. When the investigation found her murderer was actually Black, “it was not a story after that” according to Woodson.

On Twitter, Woodson said BLM doesn’t actually care about social injustice.

He reiterated this point on Dobbs’ show and said the group only cares about insurrection and anarchy. Looking at the mess in Seattle and other cities, it’s hard to dispute Woodson’s beliefs. Fortunately, there are people like him willing to speak out against the hate.

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