Former DHS Whistleblower Dead

Former DHS Whistleblower Dead

( – Philip Haney, an Obama-era whistleblower who was outspoken about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was recently found dead in Amador Country, California.

According to initial reports, he was killed by a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. Haney and the firearm he used were both found next to his vehicle near highway 124 and highway 16. Many questions are currently unanswered, which has taken a toll on his friends and family.

Haney was an outspoken critic of how the Obama administration dealt with radical Jihadists. He specialized in Islamic theology and, after being a CBP officer, was promoted to the organization’s Advanced Targeting Team.

This investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. If their is one thing history teaches us, it is that people hungry for power, will do absolutely anything, including mass murder, to gain, and keep it! This has happened over, and over, again, and has occurred on both sides of the political spectrum left, and right wing! When the bodies start piling up, like the Clinton whistle blowers, informers, and witness have, over 60 WE KNOW OF, why wouldn’t intelligent educated people start to wonder why. Suicide while in FEDERAL PROTECTIVE CUSTODY, AND THE WORLD WATCHED, OF THE ONE PERSON THAT COULD BRING DOWN THE CLINTON’S, AND NO TELLING WHOM ELSE? GIVE ME A BREAK! Who do you think would have won the Democratic primaries in NY state, for the open US Senate Seat, between Hillary and John Kennedy JR, had Kennedy not been killed in a tragic small plain crash, just before he was going to enter the race?

  2. I agree with all the comments listed here. This is body bag #60 for the Clinton Mafia. This person was going to blow the whistle on “Islama-Obama” and his brothers – the Muslims. THIS WAS NOT A SUICIDE. This was an assassination by the Clinton Mafia.

  3. Of course it wasn’t suicide. This is someone who could have been a threat to Obama and the Clinton’s, who knew too much. Seems like everyone in that position “commits suicide” or dies in an accident, or in one case “botched robbery”. Which just happened to be in execution style. None of which are investigated. Bodies piled up around the Clinton’s is knee deep and growing.

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