Former Employees Want Barr Gone

Former Employees Want Barr Gone

( – Every week Attorney General William Barr and Senate Republicans meet up for lunch. Presumably, they talk quite a bit about politics and the state of the nation. This week will be a little different, though.

This week, Barr and other Republicans will talk about the petition, signed by over 2,000 former Justice Department employees, that calls for Barr’s resignation:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Minority Leaders Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) have recently released a statement defending Barr from this attack:

Barr has reportedly stated that he was considering a resignation on his own because Trump sometimes makes his job harder to do. Even with his complaints, he doesn’t seem to want to follow through with that course of action. Although people don’t believe that Barr will resign over his recent complaints or over this petition, we should hear more details about this story as the week goes on.

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  1. Trumps lawyer Barr needs to go as he keeps the crime family in the whitehouse proped up and they rpiss on the constituition every other hour !

  2. Not only do we badly need AG Barr, we also need him to eventually look into the head of the snake…George Soros who is head of the fake media and Democrat funder/controller.

  3. cJim kimmel is coward and a Marxist. Jimmy , why dots you and your Marxist friends give your money to the poor and then move to Cuba. Try living on the $30 per month that the average person makes, give up your private doctor and go to one of thirsts. **Their doctors make a whopping $60 per month. Be sure to send me a post card and let me know how your doing!!

  4. It isn’t true that Barr was considering resigning, that’s fake news. And he shouldn’t resign just because a bunch of prior swamp creatures do not like him. Those people are the reason is so murky, and they are the reason why we need him there.

  5. We should not care what Former Employees of the DOJ have to say. They are irrelevant, and probably being paid to day this by G. Soros. There is no one as Corrupt and Dirty as the Democrats of today. So glad I left the democratic party years ago. They hate Trump and Barr because they hate their success in this economy….Democrats are too stupid to be successful. Every single state run by Democrats are financil disasters. Barr needs to stay and stay Strong! He is the best AG this nation ever had!

  6. I would Personally Plead with
    Mr Barr to STAY – if need be. He has such a Strong Handle on this very Difficult situation.
    He is a Brilliant Man and We know we can TRUST him.
    PLEASE MR BARR – Our Country and out Party Needs you.
    Thank You So Much for ALL YOU DO.
    GOD BLESS YOU SIR 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

  7. Trump Should follow the AG advise. Trump hired him and I have to agree Barr was a great choice. Trump needs to let him do his job.

  8. AG Barr doing a great job!these Justice’s are asking AG Barr to resigned is I believe their involved One Way Or Another! AG Barr Is Doing his Job By The Rule Of Law, and I Thank You For Doing So!

    • My mother always said ‘if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything”; however, in your case, I will make an exception! Drop dead dummy!

    • The most corrupt president in history was your communist Muslim terrorist president, ODumbo. Trump is the most honest, transparent, president we’ve had in decades, and he is cleaning the swamp that you morons seem to love so much.

    • Trump is doing a great job & Barr is too .Love you guys for putting the American people first . God Bless the ones that does not like this comment .GOD first everything else Last

  9. Please continue to improve and lead the DOJ .
    POTUS makes your job more difficult.
    Hell he makes his own job more difficult
    We are so fortunate to have you as AG
    We look forward to the prosecution of
    Hillary Comey et al

  10. I hope AG William Barr can maintain strength against the deep state and keep working for the American people. He needs to keep working for justice and jail all people who brake the law and do not follow the Constitution. He must stamp out the double standard that is being dealt to Republicans while letting the Democrats off when breaking the law. My sincere hope is that AG Barr will rein in the rogue judges in this country who do not follow the Constitution but only their politics. We can not allow judges to use their set on the bench to support their political agenda.

  11. The “swamp” is fighting for it’s survival. Many of those need to remember that they work for the people of the USA not their past political handlers. They are to abide by the Constitution of the United States, if they can not then get out. It appears that AG William Barr is of that mindset and I support his eliminating those with prejudiced leanings.

  12. Based on the corrupt Russia investigation, the DOJ is teeming with corruption. If 2,000 (or more) want to leave, good riddance! Mr. Barr is trustworthy and not hesitant to stand up for what’s right, we need him.

  13. The AG is doing a wonderful job and a very crucial job that many law-abiding citizens are anxious to see justice served to those looking to overthrow the Constitution and the law for their own means and agendas. This may also include many of those past and present “DOJ employees”. So I feel they protest too much.

  14. Mr Barr, please do not leave our country. We need you to be a rock in the justice system. Americans need you.

  15. I agree with Karen
    Mr Barr is prosecuting those who violate the law. As an American, I am sick and tired of elected officials and of taxpayer funded government workers who violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the law.

  16. Why would we care about “former” DOJ employees’ opinions?
    Forget them.
    We want AG William Barr to remain in his position.

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