Former ICE Head Issues Warning About Biden

Former ICE Head Issues Warning About Biden

( – With the election right around the corner, it’s time for Americans to decide who they believe is going to lead the country in the right direction. Former Acting Director of ICE Tom Homan is throwing his weight behind President Donald Trump. In fact, he’s issuing a warning about presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In an op-ed, Homan said if Biden wins the election he’ll “spark a dangerous and massive new wave” of both drug smuggling and illegal immigration. He believes that would be particularly damaging to the country as we struggle to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the former acting director said the Democratic Party wants millions of illegals to become citizens for “future political power.”

It’s no secret Biden is a pro-immigration Democrat. His own campaign site says he will stop the wall from being built and condemns Trump for enforcing the country’s laws. Biden promises to end the commander-in-chief’s policies if he’s elected, which is exactly what Homan is warning about.

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